January 28, 2016
May 24, 2016




Teachers at First Lutheran School often employ project-based learning as an exciting way to engage their students. Many children learn best through hands-on activities. Through a single project, for example, kids can absorb science, language arts, math, art, geography, and develop fine motor skills without realizing it, and they were able to see how these subjects apply in the real world.

Our Missions Fair, held during National Lutheran Schools Week, presented many fantastic opportunities for project-based learning. Students in all grades learned about Lutheran missions all over the world. Our Early Childhood Education program was not going to be left out of the fun. During National Lutheran Schools Week, the display in front of the colorful carpet stopped me in my tracks. The display is, in a word, gorgeous. I had to stop in ECE and ask about it.

Miss Kara’s class studied Kenya. Through the course of their activities, the children learned about the lives of the people who live there. They created beautiful landscape watercolors, colored Kenya’s flag, crafted Masai necklaces using paper plates and magic markers, and they even created a color word book in Swahili. You read that right. Not only can Miss Kara’s students locate Kenya on a globe, they can tell you the names of the colors in Swahili. And they loved learning it.


Stop by the hallway and pay a visit. Tell our preschoolers what a great job they did, and ask them what they learned. They’ll be happy to share with you!

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